How To Replace Pollen Filters

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  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Avg. Time Necessary: 1-2 Hours
  • Cost: ~ $30
How To Replace Pollen Filters

Tools / Materials Required


The Porsche 993 have two pollen filter that filters all the incoming air to the central A/C and ventilation system. The filters need to be replaced regularly just like the air filter for the engine, it all depends on how bad the air quality is where you live. My original pollen filters were replaced at 10,000 miles and 17,000 miles later they sure are dirty!

This is a comparison of the old and new.

Image:993 - pollenfiltercompare.jpg

The filters are located in trunk in front of firewall.First remove the trim piece that covers that area to expose the pollen filter housing. Pull up on the rubber strip will allow you to slide the plastic cover off.

Image:993 - trimpiece.jpg

unscrew the round metal nut that holds the pollen filter cover in place

Image:993 - pollenfiltercovernut.jpg

Remove the pollen filter cover clip by wedging a flat screw driver underneath and pry it up.

Image:993 - pollenfiltercoverclip.jpg

This clip is a little tricky to get off, slide a flat screw driver down the clip and push and pull sway from the pollen filter housing simultaneously.

Image:993 - pollenfiltercoverclip2.jpg

Slide the wiring harness that is on top of the pollen filter cover and disconnect the connector. You will only need to do this for the right side pollen filter replacement.

Image:993 - pollenfilterwireharness.jpg

Notice the position of the notch on the filter unit, the replacement unit needs to go back the same way.

Image:993 - pollenfilternotch.jpg

Installation is the reverse of these steps. Same procedure for the left side filter replacement.


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