Project OverSpray - Lexus SC300 Project OverSpray - Lexus SC300

by Tavarish | Views: 51538

It's one thing to take a car near the end of its heavily abused life and give it a restoration with some subtle updates. It's quite another to turn it into a polarizing amalgamation of styles, techniques and lunacy designed to break necks as well as speed limits.

Project Konflikt  - Mercedes S500L Project Konflikt - Mercedes S500L

by Tavarish | Views: 63018

The Mercedes S-Class is a beacon of German ingenuity, quality and tradition. It's understated in its presentation but completely captivating in providing you with an experience that whispers gently in your ear: "You've had a hard day, I got it from now on." I wanted one - BAD.

This was a 1% car, I just had to get one for a 99% price - and not only some run-of-the-mill base model either, I had to get one that was fully loaded with all the bells and whistles Mercedes-Benz could possibly fit. Oh, and I didn't want one with any accidents, extensive mechanical problems or high miles. ...and the budget for the whole thing was $4000.

Project Rolling Relic - 1949 Ford Tudor Project Rolling Relic - 1949 Ford Tudor

by Aaron Starnes | Views: 16082

Cars today don't have the same appeal as a true classic. Cars made at the dawn of the post-war era were more daring, both in style and performance, than anything you'd likely buy in the showroom today. This 1949 Ford Tudor is a car that encompasses all of these long-lost qualities, while retaining the essence of a pure cruising experience. This is the journey of one man trying to restore a seriously cool car from a bygone era.
  • Here's The Real Reason Why /DRIVE Started Charging For Content

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    If you're a car enthusiast, chances are, you've seen a /DRIVE video, but you probably also saw that they were one of the first major channels that have moved to a premium model of content, meaning that each month, the subscriber gets charged to watch the high-quality videos the channel puts out. Admittedly, people were pissed and many theories came about as to why a channel with that many loyal followers would do such a drastic move. Mike Spinelli, one of /DRIVE's main personalities, puts all the rumors to rest in a quite reasonable way. 

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  • How Can You Get 200,000 YouTube Subscribers Starting From Nothing?

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    Regular Car Reviews may be the funniest car channel on the internet today, bar none. It combines quick-witted, super-specific references with toilet humor and insightful commentary to make something that you can't help but binge watch. In this edition of Offtrack, I sat down with Mr. Regular as he explained to me why Delaware isn't such a great state and why people get weird when they meet celebrities. This may get odd. 

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  • Here's The One DIY Guide Every BMW Owner Must See

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    BMWs are great cars for the most part. Their performance per pound make them a serious competitor in the market for people that want a thrilling driving experience. But they do have an achilles heel: The cooling system. As the system is sealed, meaning that there's nowhere to bleed off air when in normal running condition, bleeding the system properly is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running for years to come. Here's how to do it, the right way. 

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