No, You Really Don't Need A New Analog Supercar No, You Really Don't Need A New Analog Supercar

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The internet can be an odd place. It's an open forum for new and revolutionary thoughts, a knowledge hub where one can fill their brain with a limitless supply of bite-sized chunks of information, and it's also the breeding ground for some of the most impressively misguided ideas in human history. 

Big Thrill, Tiny  Package Big Thrill, Tiny Package

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Follow my train of thought: In a local supermarket, walking through the dairy aisle after picking up a pack of mozzarella slices and whole wheat bread, I wondered how universal my mundane grocery-getting adventure was. Then, I thought about how most car enthusiasts, rich or poor, wanted the same thing for the most part: a thrill. That brought me to ponder what the most thrilling car was for the least money, and that led me to the EP3 Honda Civic Si. I had to have one.

Will we see the end of car culture within our lifetimes? Will we see the end of car culture within our lifetimes?

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Here's a reality for many car guys: You pull up next to a Prius at a stoplight and look over at the driver with a mix of pity and condescension. You think to yourself “You have the money for a new car and you buy that?! You could’ve had a dozen Miatas/Fox bodies/busted-ass E30s for the money!” Then you roar off in your $3500 scrapheap, winding out the first few gears to remind them of their mistake and offset their carbon neutrality. Automotive enthusiasm comes with a bit of smug superiority. And, at this point in history, we’ve never been more on the defensive.

5 Things No One tells you about owning a used Luxury Car 5 Things No One tells you about owning a used Luxury Car

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There's a difference between being cheap and treasuring value per dollar spent. One is knowing where the best burger joint is, and the other is going up to other tables and asking for unwanted leftovers and spare ketchup packets. Understanding this distinction is the reason why almost exactly one year ago I purchased a used Mercedes-Benz S500 and drove it daily. Here are a few things I learned along the way.
  • F1 Flappy-Paddle Transmissions

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    One of the most heavily engineered and durable parts of a Formula 1 car is its sequential, "flappy paddle" transmission. Find out how this technological masterpiece creates the seamless, lightning-quick shifts it's best known for with this awesome technical video made by Engineering Explained.
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  • Lowering Springs & Coilovers

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    The suspension is one of the most important parts of a car. It helps shape the way the car handles, rides, but also has an affect on launch and braking. A great way to improve the way any car handles is to lower the center of gravity and stiffening the springs on each wheel.
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    When ALS takes a Lancer Evo, gives it 1100WHP and decides to unleash it onto a straight 1-mile track, it shows you just how explosive the 4G63 powerplant is. You're doing something right when you can spin all 4 tires 1000' down the track.
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  • Clash of the Titans

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    Even though a Nissan GTR is 1/25th the cost of a Bugatti Veyron, having these two industry titans race down the 1/4 mile kicks ass on a scale not yet perceivable my mere mortals. Enjoy.
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  • MOPAR's Black Sheep

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    When you throw a 25-year old American Minivan down the 1/4 mile, it will usually end with a 32 second pass and a blown head gasket. The usual experiences don't account for the fact that a rare gem of the Mopar world was the Caravan Turbo, and what a gem it was.
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